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Gu Chao is the first to see the new country 乔奇 new secretary level, probably six or seven of the twenty young, not much sharper flavor organs and units of government, but added more sedate than the Gu Chao. Ping Guo Xin prefer young, but the joy of flying is not too satisfied, Gu cannon qualified secretary also differ from many. "Qiaoke Chang, Hello, I'm Gu Chao." Gu Chao warm hands outstretched. Joe is also the secretary of the prefectural office secretary Second Division deputy chief level is family level. Ranked according to the real power within the party, flat country is now four new handles, so a high with his secretary. Second Division regular chief secretary is second in command from the Secretary of the Administrative Office of the Commissioner Bai Zhen. "Gu Chao, Hello Hello. Ping secretary is waiting for you, please come with me." Body in the office building, a number of messages are always well-informed.乔奇 been designated as the new Secretary of State level and then immediately do your homework, know the level of the country moved to a new city from the prefectural Lake, one of us did not take anything, just ask prefectural arrange a clerk's position within the secretariat section. Needless to say, the new relationship with Gu Chao Ping Guo unusual, although nominally owned 乔奇 direct leadership, but 乔奇 did not pick up the shelves, some quite warm and nice guy. Secretary, not only should always understand the meaning of leadership, but also know how to expand their contacts. If only the leaders inside the eye, the day the secretary is also coming to an end. As the leader of close friends, we must be smooth and slick, ready for their future decentralization. "The trouble Qiaoke Chang of." Gu Chao smile. See Gu Chao's age, Qiaoqi fact, some doubts. While the likes young secretary level, but this one's age is too small, not twenty? 乔奇 rang the door flat country's new office, after two or three seconds, then came inside the new commanding voice flat country:. "Come." Now with Qiaoqi new flat country is in run-in period, if a lot of time with the leadership of the secretary, with the leadership have a knock signal. After a couple of seconds secretary knocked on the door and so on, you can directly push the door forward, which is the convention rules. Otherwise secretary analysis for the leadership so many documents, scheduled so many things, leadership is the most contact with people, and if kept knocking at the door, one said, "Come in," two words are enough leadership bored. But to come to a new country level, Qiao Qi lost in his veins, if the level secretary would like to put official authority, he pushed open the door and straight forward, but a little bit to understand the rules. 乔奇 half opened the door and said:. "Secretary, Gu Chao is coming" "Let him come." Gu Chao strode into the office, his hands affixed to the Ku Feng among bureau desk in a good place to stand about two meters, body slightly bowed, very out of courtesy, said:. "Ping secretary, hello." Ping Guo Xin looking down at papers on the table, it did not look directly said:. "Gu Chao, first sit for a while." Gu Chao sit, Qiao Qi Gu Chao gave a cup of tea. Gu Chao quickly stood up and expressed his thanks with his eyes. Gu Chao belong leadership 乔奇, and if the general situation, it is needed to help 乔奇 Gu Chao pour. But in the new country office level, pour this kind of thing but has a mysterious, belonging 乔奇 "exclusive." If Gu Chao playing polite at this time, do not Qiaoqi hands, there will be no Zhunqiao Qi heart pimple. How, so soon wanted to take my class ah? Abide by the official rules, Gu Chao also bear Qiaoqi this cup of tea. He did not speak, is to disturb the country's new look at the file level thinking. 乔奇 genial smile and nod, and then help the new flat country continued to fill the cup on the table, this ten seconds spent standing near the door and found nothing flat country's new orders, they bowed down to exit the office, on the outside to shut the door. After a moment, looked up the new flat country, Gu Chao looked dangerous breasted riding, could not help laughing:. "OK, ah, understand the rules of the ah." Gu Chao quickly due to bow, Jisi gratitude in his voice and said: "Thank secretary cherish." This is the question of the proper meaning, no matter how privately say, the first day reports, but also in the new country office level, the Gu Chao is necessary to say thank you this. Put your business Gu cannon pulled from the administration, even downgrade, but also a qualitative leap. Quotient is better governance, which is the rule for many years, even in an important position to do business at the level of the basic also transferred to the local level or drop down half a grade to use, generally do not sit too powerful place. The secretary of the body in the side, Gu Chao and young, stay two or three years, promotion route in the flat country affected by the influence of the novice side, and then directly to the decentralization, that is the way of politics. Moreover, the level of the country was still a prime New Age, Gu Chao at his background, to the achievement or not difficult. Gu Chao cherish leadership must understand what he meant. Ping Guo new chuckled, smoke coming out from the drawer. Gu Chao quickly stood up and helped him a spot on the national level before the new King, and then himself on one point. Although Gu six or seven dollars in his pocket cannon smoke, secretary out of the flat is a three Jinquan, but cigarette smoke must relish. Leading you smoke, you do not hurry up sheep? "TV things are arranged that?" Ping Guo Xin asked. "Thank you for caring secretary, have been arranged." "Well, while learning, while working it." Ping Guo Xin finished smiling, hand on the document before the shot twice. Gu Chao quickly snuffed cigarette, two hands knees erect. Ping Guo Xin secretly nod, Gu Chao petty officialdom's still very familiar. Subordinates to meet with superiors, we must put meticulous attitude. "Flat dachangzhen there handing me a plan, you take a look." Ping Guo Xin did not make very good use Appreciating Gu Chao Machinery Factory comes out in a few hands that quite innovative, although stepped bars, but undeniable Open a new level of national new ideas. And this plan is very Aspect things. Gu Chao now is not the new secretary flat country, at best, is a clerk's position, then went to the desk clerk Gu side, hands outstretched hand from the flat country took a new file. This document is too familiar, distinct from his GU clerk's handwriting. Gu Chao and his face did not move, as if for the first time to see this plan, standing in front of the desk carefully read together. Ping Guo new smile, the more you see of Gu Chao satisfaction. In addition to the two dice which Jin, Gu Chao officialdom still abide by the rules. Gu Chao watched a brow slightly Organisation for a moment, then continued to read. This document, Gu Chao three consecutive Organisation brow, eyebrow level for new three countries also rose. "Secretary of this program, I feel very good." Gu Chao hands gently on the table the document continued:. "But there are a few details that we will not know whether to say" Ping Guo Xin pointed to the couch, and said:. "Sit down and say," "Xie Xieping secretary." Gu Chao then get back on the sofa, remain subordinate position, then visually flat new country. Ping Guo Xin said: "prefectural level dachangzhen is our long-standing, Liu Zhenchang can come up with this plan, that she is moving a lot of brains." Gu Chao nodded and said:. "Liu Zhenzhang educated, and working in the province reported that over a period of time, knowledge and vision is very high." Ping Guo Xin Oh straight smile, said:. ". The line, not flattering, and took the people have not heard about your views on it." "That level secretary, I said my own views, it is wrong please secretary more guidance." Gu Chao Shen Shen thoughts: "I think the conception of this project is to develop a very good idea, the farmers from the land. Planting of liberation, is the main theme of China's reform and opening up, I understand too, although covering a very wide flat dachangzhen, but not much land suitable for farming, land use per capita is 0.1 three acres. Such arable land, far from being able to provide farmers living needs. how to get farmers out of poverty, flat dachangzhen leadership gives us a good idea. " Ping Guo Xin nodded and said:. ". This plan has not yet passed the town party resolution, Liu Yan regional leadership mayor wanted me to give her the check this girl, but added quite thought" Gu Chao did not take the incumbent, I'm afraid the new flat country know that this plan with Liu Yan is very difficult to do it yourself, as the story behind her, please, do not ask the new flat country, the provincial newspaper reporter is still very complex network of relationships naturally never guess Gu Chao's body. "Continue to say." Gu Chao nodded, his lips sip, this and said:. "The idea of ​​this program, I feel good, but there are a few minor areas that need attention." "Well, tell me." Gu Chao slightly sideways, thanked the country for the new support level, then sit back and said:. "First, the plan simply stated hog demand will increase substantially, but did not specify that we do sell the idea of ​​reform should not be blind, but to sit and meticulous investigation, to have a complete marketing ideas. produced, to be sold where the road is like, what is needed to reach the target. " Tag : Salvatore Ferragamo sale cheap,Salvatore Ferragamo big discount,Salvatore Ferragamo Price,Salvatore Ferragamo Outlet,Salvatore Ferragamo sale cheap
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